Primary Construction Rates

Rural Development$12,215.00$610.75$12,825.75
Urban Development$7,570.00$378.50$7,948.50
Condo/Strip Mall$4,990.00$249.50$5,239.50
Cottage Club Infills (Pre-existing development)$10,280.00$514.00$10,794.00
Primary Rate Threshold$20,000.00n/a$20,000.00

Miscellaneous Rates

Property Transfer (Homeowner to Homeowner)$200.00
Property Transfer (Builder to Homeowner)$200.00
Disconnect Fee$160.00
Reconnect Fee$160.00
Meter Re-install (Gas off and meter removed)$300.00
PLUS: Labour per hour$90.00
PLUS: Vehicle per hour$40.00
Caveat Fee$75.00
Meter Reading Fee$90.00
Door Hanger Fee (Termination Notice)$90.00
NSF Fee$75.00
Late Fee Penalty Charge (per month)3%

Secondary / Hit Line / Alteration Construction Rates

Backhoe (Cat 304C) (Includes one operator)$118.00/hour
  Second Operator$90.00/hour
Backhoe (John Deere 410)$156.00/hour
  Second Operator$90.00/hour
Trencher – Ditch Witch 1820$91.00/hour
Heavy Truck with trailer$260.00/hour
1 1/4 ton with trailer (52)$220.00/hour
Service Truck$40.00/hour
Service Person – labour$90.00/hour
Service Person – labour (after hours)$120.00/hour
Equipment Washing – per machine$90.00
Gas Loss – hit line (minimum $50.00)Cost plus 10%
Contractors (third party) – GeneralCost plus 10%
Contractors (third party) – Plowing (on plowing cost only)Cost plus 10%
Idle Service$14.50/month

Fuel Surcharge: 5%