Paperless Billing

If you are interested in receiving your CLGC bill statements via email, we require our Paperless Billing Form to be completed and submitted to our office.

Please submit the form by email: admin@clgas.ca, mail or drop off:
209 Railway Street East Cochrane, AB T4C 2C3 or by fax: 403-932-2911.

Please note: we can email to more than one email address per account, if necessary.

Paperless Billing FAQs

Not yet but an online portal is in the works. For now, you can sign up for Paperless Billing to get your bill emailed to you each month.
  1. Pre-Authorized Debit from your bank account
  2. Online, telephone or teller banking by using your CLGC account number
    Please note: some banks require extra digits; if so, please enter 16330010 prior to your account number
  3. Cheque, Debit Card, or Cash
  4. Credit Card using Option Pay
  5. After hours drop slot located outside the office

Click here for Option Pay - CLGC payments for Cochrane AlbertaWe accept credit card payments via OptionPay. Please click on this link OptionPay.ca and it will take you to the credit card payment page.

Alternatively, you can call or email us to request an Option Pay Credit Card Form and we can submit your payment for you on a one time, or monthly basis. OptionPay fees will apply.

Payment Options

Payments can be made by cheque, through online banking, by pre-authorized withdrawals, at any financial institution, through telephone banking and by cash.

Please allow ample time for payment to reach our office.  Online banking and financial institutions require 48 hours to process.

Please note if you are setting up your CLGC account for online banking, depending on your financial institution, it may prompt you for an additional number of digits. If you are prompted, please add 16330010, prior to you CLGC number.

Pre-Authorized Withdrawals

Download the Pre-Authorized Withdrawals Form from our Forms & Documents page. Funds will be taken out of your account on the 16th of every month.

Gas Retailer & Co-Op FAQs

Cochrane Lake Gas Co-op operates under the Rural Utilities Act legislation which gives participating co-ops the exclusive right to provide natural gas service to all consumers in a franchise area and this cannot be infringed upon by other retailers.

Cochrane Lake Gas Co-op is a member owned utility company that sells natural gas to a rural franchised area. We are a not-for-profit and are locally owned and controlled by our members.

Cochrane Lake Gas Co-op purchases natural gas directly from Gas Alberta Inc, which is owned by all of the gas Co-ops in Alberta. The gas rate is affected by the supply and demand and is set by Gas Alberta and sold to our members at cost.

CLGC implemented Automated Meter Reading (AMR) technology in 2016, and members are no longer required to submit meter readings.

Secondary Services:

Please call for an estimate if you require secondary (downstream of your gas meter) underground gas lines for: shops, garages, out buildings or primary alterations from the original gas line.

Office: 403-932-2707

All Contracts must be signed as stated on land titles. Contracts must be signed and witnessed by a non-family member and returned to our office by email: admin@clgas.ca, mail or drop off: 209 Railway Street East Cochrane, AB T4C 2C3 or by fax: 403-932-2911.

Refer to our Rates section for current pricing of New Rural Construction and New Urban Construction.

Construction costs include: service, equipment, pipe, fittings, construction, installation of regulator and meter to your property.

A transfer fee will apply, see our Rates section for current pricing. Our transfer fee is limited to our serviceman reading the initial and last reading of the property transfer date, vehicle expense, administration time & costs related to land title transfers.

Cochrane Lake Gas Co-op holds the contract with the property owner who is responsible for their tenants. It is the responsibility of the member to provide the renter with the monthly charges.

Tenant’s can sign  up for paperless billing to be included in monthly emailed bills.

Cochrane Lake Gas Co-op is a nonprofit cooperative under democratic member control. The membership elects directors to serve on the organization’s board. Annually, CLGC holds an Annual General Meeting, typically held in March, where members receive updates on the business and vote on changes brought to the membership.

Members are encouraged to attend the co-op’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) and exercise their right to vote.